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Kim Kardashian’s Diet Is So 2004

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Givenchy: Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2014Remember the early 2000s? Those were the days: Paris Hilton's relevance was quickly waxing and then waning, Britney Spears was probably making a comeback, we didn't even know about Kim Kardashian yet, cell phones sucked, I was a virgin. People referred to the whole internet as AOL and even though I was still a mere preteen, all the adults I knew were on Atkins. The turn of the century was a crazy time and apparently it's coming back.

Put your Juicy Couture tracksuits on, kids. According to her twitter, Kim Kadashian is doing the Atkins diet! As my colleague from The Gloss said “2004 called and it's having a heart attack. That's a good joke. You should put that in your post.”

kim kardashian diet tweetA representative for Atkins told The Daily Mail that Kim K has been:

“…eating lots of lean proteins, healthy fats like nuts and avocado, carbs, fruits, veggies and cheese…She wanted to be a healthy, nursing mom and not toxify her milk with her diet or lose weight too quickly. She's been doing Atkins since her doctor approved it at the end of June.”

I personally am over the moon with joy* that the mother of little baby North West is pretending she consulted her doctor before dieting like everyone should do if they plan on getting weird with food, but I think the part aboug her eating healthy fats like nuts and avocado is bullshit because everyone knows the point of the low carb Atkins diet is to consume ground beef and only ground beef. Also bullshit is the very idea that Kim Kardashian would be worried about losing weight too quickly. Part of the Kardashian empire is built on their uncanny ability to grow and shrink and sell themselves to diet companies and tabloids, the other part is built on butts.  

*Just kidding, don't care that much.

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