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This Gym Ad Making Fun Of Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Is The Best Thing To Come Out Of The KimYe Union

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NYSCKimyeAdIt's fun making fun of KimYe—admit it! And now, New York Sports Club is cashing in on KimYe's cash cow of a wedding with a snarky ad aimed at the rapper and reality TV star (who's last wedding required three dresses, yet lasted lest than three months).

Addressing Kanye West by first name, the ad warns him to, “Stay in shape,” because “the last guy only lasted 72 days.”


It then adds: “Last longer than a Hollywood marriage. Join today.”

We're pretty sure Chris Humphries is somewhere far away from Italy feeling very, very fortunate about the big-assed bullet he dodged — but not before his wedding and divorce—was documented on TV. He also definitely didn't lose his bride over a lack of athleticism (you've all seen his arms, right?).

Even so, the ad is a solid dig at KimYe, and an overall (unpleasant) commentary on Hollywood marriages in general.

Though we don't expect anyone to run out and the join the gym in fear of divorce—and if you're thinking about doing so, you should probably revisit your relationship altogether—it's another fun way to mock the most mockable couple on the planet.

Plus, if KimYe is making bank on their Italian extravaganza, why shouldn't businesses reap the benefits, too?

If you're personally offended by the ad—maybe you're a big fan of the Jenner Twins?—don't be.

NYSC has a history of using snarkiness and New York Post ads to recruit new members. In 2013, the popular gym chain took a swing at Kim Jong-un, assuring him that, “with a great bod, you don't need a big missile.” Sure, the contexts are different. But either way, somebody at NYSC deserves a high-five for their, uh, creativeness.

As far as we know, neither Kanye nor Jong-un are members yet. But who knows—maybe on your next NYSC visit you'll spot Kanye squatting in the curl rack.

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