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17 Reasons You Should Swap Out a Yoga Class for a High-Energy Kickboxing Work Out

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Kickboxing is one of the the most effective ways to workout your entire body. It mixes strength training and cardio, along with toning, all while burning fat and calories at the same time! The successful results of kickboxing have even led celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Ashley Green, and Adriana Lima to add routines into their daily workouts.

Not only is it a super-effective and active way of working out but if you're someone who gets bored with the regular ‘ol elliptical, treadmill, spin bike routine, you might want to add a high-energy kickboxing class to your gym sesh. Sure, lots of people opt for the yoga-route but kickboxing will get your heart-pumping and get you faster results than say — the downward-dog will. Who doesn't like dipping their toes in the latest health fad? Well, friends, kickboxing is where it's at and it's about time you tried it. Angie, Ashley and Adriana not inspiration enough to trade in your yoga mat for boxing gloves? Then check out these 17 amazing benefits that kickboxing can have on your bod.