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KFC Doubles Down All Over Again, This Time With A Cheesy Bacon Bowl

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Of all the irritating (not to mention unhealthy) hipster food trends of the last few years, the only one that could possibly give cupcakes a run for their money is the borderline collective obsession with bacon. More of a fad than a food product, the consumption of bacon has become the new wacky way to prove you don't care what you eat! You're wild! You love bacon in every single thing you eat and don't care who knows it!  But you know a trend is truly on its last legs when a major manufacturer of fast food co-opts, like KFC  has with their newest “Famous Bowl”. Tagline for the Cheesy Bacon Bowl:  “Everything is Better With Bacon.”

It seems that after years of struggle, the chain that got famous for chicken-by-the-bucket has finally given up the ghost of health. Kentucky Fried Chicken initially slimmed its name down in the early 90s–partially because of a potential trademark infringement lawsuit, and, according to their PR reps, to distance themselves from the word “fried”. During the Atkins craze, they also put their menu on a diet. Still, consumers weren't convinced. So now, they're going on the offensive, and offering the most ludicrously unhealthy eatable abominations imaginable. Enter the Famous Bowl and the Double Down, which, under no circumstances, could be considered healthy–but seem to do a good job of courting the bacon-loving, health-food-eschewing masses.

Famous Bowls have, since their introduction, essentially been a way for KFC to inexpensively pile side dishes and other cheap ingredients into a dish the size of a mixing bowl, and sell it as a food product. The Cheesy Bacon Bowl, which combines fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cheese, corn, gravy, and bacon, is no exception. Except that it has bacon.

The heaping pile of “food” will run you a scant $3.99, which is a total bargain for the 680 calories, 31 grams of fat, and 2,130 milligrams of sodium you get packed into it, so long as you don't mind the hypertension headache it will probably give you within moments of trying it. And, they'd like to remind you, it has bacon. Did we mention the bacon?**

But maybe we should be thankful that KFC isn't attempting to shuck this product as health food, like, say, Fruit Roll-Ups?

**This is an actual line from the Cheesy Bacon Bowl's commercial. They really want you to know that they're down with the bacon.

Image: KFC