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Kent Beach House

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The breathtaking Kent Beach House is one of my favorite structures by Simon Conder Associate.

beach house

It's actually very hard to choose a favorite structure from this firm, because everything they complete is unique, sleek, and lovely. In fact, we've seen work from Simon Conder here at Offbeat before.


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This “Non Plan” beach house is a two bedroom home on Dungeness Beach in Kent. The home is meant to respond to the drama of the landscape, and I'd say that it does. Kent house incorporates a 19th century railway carriage (that forms the focus of the central living area), and the great sloping deck creates an observation deck with 360 degree views of the land and sea. This is also a green passive solar home with additional wind turbine and cross ventilation. I could see myself living here for a good long while – so peaceful; can you imagine?


Visit the Kent beach house page to view additional pictures (seriously check out the sloped deck – it's amazing) and to learn more. If you're in the mood for even more amazing structures you can browse the entire Simon Conder Associate website.

[images via Simon Conder Associate]