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Kelly Ripa Sustains Injury In Heels: Morning News Roundup

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Doctor Disapproves Kelly Ripa's Shoes – The morning television host is on crutches for a hip injury, but she's still wearing four-inch heels. (AOL Health)

UPDATE: Ripa's injury is a stress fracture of the femoral neck – the section of the femur (thigh bone) just below where it connects to the hip. She's been ordered to rest without exercise for three to six weeks. On Regis and Kelly, she explained, “I don't need any surgery. I don't need anything special done. I just need to sit.” But six weeks off from the gym might be a high demand for the fitness fanatic, whose extreme exercise habits are most likely the cause of her injury.

Aspirin Cuts Cancer Risk – British researchers found that regular, low-dose intake of aspirin may cut cancer deaths, but they don't recommend that healthy adults start pill-popping just yet, thanks to possible side effects. (Seattle Times)

Nuts: The Perfect Holiday Snack – Nutrients found in nuts can relieve winter blues and holiday stress, among other ills (including PMS, anxiety, and fatigue). (Independent)

Pregnant Women Shouldn't Use Cell Phones – Study links cell phone use during pregnancy to child misbehavior. (Reuters Canada)