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Kelly Osbourne Sends Herself To Food Rehab, Which For The Record Is Not A Thing

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Fizz Las Vegas Grand Opening At Caesars PalaceThe recently single Kelly Osbourne has apparently put herself into “food rehab”to lose the 20 pounds she gained. As far as this food blogger is aware, food rehab is not a real thing. Regardless, go Kelly! She may be kind of mean, but that's precisely why we'll always root for her.

Breakups are rough and we all have our ways of coping with newfound lonesomeness. Some broken-hearted people shop off the pain, some go to the gym to sweat it out, some sleep it off, and some eat it away. Osbourne broke things off with her fiance Matthew Mosshart about four months ago, so her 20 pound weight gain doesn't seem so unusual, especially considering he was a vegan chef who cooked for her. According to Now by way of The Daily Mail, there is something strange about the way the Fashion Police co-host has decided to go about losing the weight – she won't call it a diet like a normal person. Kelly Osbourne isn't dieting, she's cleansing. Celebrities are such weirdos.

Osbourne is famous for being rock n' roll royalty, a reality TV pioneer, and her ability to pull off pastel hair like nobody's business. Unfortunately, her weight fluctuations are also a notable aspect of her fame. Like her mother, Kelly Osbourne's body-size ups and downs have been tabloid fodder. It's been particularly brutal for K.O. since the criticism of her body began in the mid-oughts when she was just a teen. In recent years, she's been praised for being much thinner.

Despite being generally body positive and even working to launch a clothing line that will fit and flatter a truly wide variety of sizes, her desire to lose twenty pounds is more than understandable. As someone whose weight has also fluctuated, I know that regaining any pound lost is profoundly distressing. Good luck to Miss Osbourne on her diet…I mean cleansing endeavor.

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