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Katie Couric, Gloria Steinem, And Jehmu Greene Talk Women In Media And The Workplace

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We’ve got to balance the slow-jams (even though it was about a hard-core issue) with some serious stuff. Not that it’s uninteresting serious stuff – this video shows a group of smart, powerful women talking about issues that are on our hot list. Katie Couric sat down with Women’s Media Center President Jehmu Greene and Co-Founder Gloria Steinem to talk about the continuing objectification of women in the media and inequality in the workplace, and the family structure. It’s not all bad news though: Greene says that social media is contributing to media literacy among teen girls, and some of them are pushing back against over sexualized images of women in pop culture. But if the lame way women are represented in the media makes you itch for a little levity, don’t forget about our favorite cat video.

via Women’s Media Center