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Katharine Moser’s Personal Story About Testing Positive For Huntington’s Disease

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Katharine Moser s Personal Story About Testing Positive for Huntington s Disease alloy default image jpgThis Sunday’s New York Times article about genetic testing for Huntington’s disease made me cry. It features Katharine Moser, who tested positive for the huntingtin gene, and tells her family’s experience with the disease. Katharine’s friends, Colleen and and Chris Elio, are amazing people too and have offered to take care of her once she develops symptoms. If you’re curious to know what it’s like to have a gene that 100% guarantees you’ll have a debilitating and deadly disease during what is normally a person’s most productive years, don’t miss this article and accompanying videos.

In fact, all of us will eventually know more about our future risk of disease than we ever anticipated once the genome revolution brings personalized medicine to our front door. Will you open the door like Katharine Moser? Or will you slam it shut and go hide under the covers?

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