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Kate Moss Swears She Wasn’t Anorexic…She Just Didn’t Eat

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kate moss anorexiaIn a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Kate Moss opens up on a lot of topics. Heroin–which she says she never did–, being a favorite among the paparazzi, and her relationship with Johnny Depp are all subjects the model (and media fascination) candidly speaks about. But she's a little less straightforward on another topic of interest: Her thin, thin frame, which kicked off rumors of anorexia…and an epidemic of women chasing the “heroin chic” look. And while Moss swears she never actually developed anorexia, her life and eating during her height in the 90s sound pretty…well, disordered.

“I was thin, but that’s because I was doing shows, working really hard,” Moss explains, which sounds pretty familiar and like what every single thin starlet ever says. But then, she quickly gets to the point.

“At that time, I was staying at a B and B in Milan, and you’d get home from work and there was no food. You’d get to work in the morning, there was no food.”

Ahhhh, there's the rub. Moss was thin because she was working hard–and because she didn't have any food in her house. Was there an embargo on groceries in Milan at the time? Were she and the other models contractually obligated to keep any and all granola bars or pieces of cheese out of the apartment? Maybe she just carried such a trendy, 1990s-era tiny purse she couldn't sneak an apple away from the set?

No, she says. She didn't eat because nobody would take her out for lunch. Really. That's what she says.

“Nobody took you out for lunch when I started. Carla Bruni took me out for lunch once. She was really nice. Otherwise, you don’t get fed. But I was never anorexic. They knew it wasn’t true—otherwise I wouldn’t be able to work.”

You don't get fed. And that's why she was thin. Because Carla Bruni wasn't around to make sure she ate lunch every day–and she was just a teenager at the time.

Later in the interview, though, Moss uncovers what the real reason may have been: She was depressed. Moss notes that one of her most in/famous shoots sent her into a “nervous breakdown,” and that she “couldn't get out of bed for two weeks.”


Ugh. She was a depressed teenager who wasn't being cared for or helped out. That's what she was thin.

Much like Rihanna‘s “too busy to eat, but I miss my curves so hard!” story, this line of reasoning from Kate Moss that she didn't have a real eating disorder, just a situational one doesn't exactly explain away an unhealthy lifestyle. Nor does it do much to assuage the fact that the callousness of the business and lack of Carla Bruni lunches did lead to a lot of actual eating disorders among women. Hit any thinspo or pro-ana site today, and you'll still find Kate Moss, topless in her Calvin Klein jeans, thin as all get-out, and apparently on the verge of a breakdown.

Kate Moss, I guess I'm glad you didn't opt for the much more common, even less believable “I eat all the time by my metabolism is so fast” excuse in this interview.  But really, all this does is convince me that the modeling industry hasn't changed much in the last 20 years, that modeling is still unhealthy, both for the women who do it and the women who consume the images, and that Kate Moss was, at one point in her life, so saddened by her own life she became incapable of feeding herself that she looked like she had an eating disorder. Yikes.

Image: VF