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Kate Middleton Tries A New Kind Of Therapy For Morning Sickness

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So far, Kate Middleton has endured a whole lot for her future child. Not only has she continuously dealt with the press, she's also had acute morning sickness, causing her to be extremely ill. For Kate Middleton pregnancy is not just a 9-month journey, it's practically a worldwide sitcom that millions of “viewers” tune in to watch. Fortunately, though it's been a little sad how over-the-top some of the coverage has gone, it has at least opened up a discussion on what to do during morning sickness, allowing more women to figure out ways to help that issue.

According to an anonymous source, Middleton is still quite ill and having a difficult time finding food appealing as a result. She has apparently decided to try hypnotherapy because of this in order to begin swapping her negative thoughts regarding eating with “cravings for healthy, nutritious food.”

Of course, anonymous “friends” are not exactly the most reliable sources in the world — particularly when it comes to the Royals — but the important thing here, in my opinion, is that people are more openly talking about medicines that may help pregnant women feel better. I distinctly recall a friend of mine discussing her own pregnancy and how terrible she felt when another woman (who was an acquaintance, not quite friend) interrupted her with, “What did you think was going to happen? Suck it up, it's practically our duty to feel like absolute shit during all this,” as she gestured to her stomach.

But is it really? Don't pregnant women deserve to feel better, too? Provided that they're not harming the fetus nor themselves, seeking out ways to deal with morning sickness and other pregnancy ailments is a truly important thing to do. The less stressed and awful-feeling you throughout, the better. Plus, you deserve it! You're carrying a person, after all.

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