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Karl Lagerfeld Is Even A Jerk When He Compliments People

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karl lagerfeld is a jerkKarl Lagerfeld, half diabolical bond villain, half talented fashion goblin, has been known to be highly critical of women's bodies to a twisted, embarrassing and nearly pathological degree. He doesn't care who a celebrity woman is, he will find a way to criticize her. Lagerfeld famously claimed Adele was too fat as if he was helping her out. Considering Lagerfeld's impressive resume of female body criticism, it's no wonder that even his compliments smack of cruelty. One of the kinder things I've heard he said turned out to actually be a warning for one model to not fuck her shit up.

Twenty-nine year old model-angel Bianca Balti recently told New York Magazine that she never exercises–which might irritate some people considering what her body looks like, but shouldn't because she's just being Balti. Apparently her lack of exercise regimen was born of weird advice and an even weirder compliment from the keeper of the haus of Chanel himself. According to Balti, Lagerfeld thought that those other models on the set of the 2010 Pirelli Calendar were “too fit,” but not Balti. I guess Lagerfeld thought she had “a butt like a goddess” that would be “ruined” by exercise.

Okay, complimenting a good butt is cool to do. Balti does legitimately have a banging booty. It was unnecessary for Lagerfeld to insult the other models in the process. That's just rude. Too fit? Too fit for his tastes. Similarly, it was unnecessary for him to add a condition to his compliment. It's as if he was saying “watch out, your ass could be a mortals ass at the drop of a hat unless you heed my unsolicited advice.” Screw you Karl Lagerfeld, do what you do best: just be a weirdo and make beautiful clothes.

Story via Daily Mail//Image via Getty