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Kardashian Sisters Create ‘Plus-Sized’ Clothing Line…That Starts At Size 8

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Ohhh, boy. Critics have already been down on the Kardashian sisters' new plus-sized clothing line for … well, being a plus-sized clothing line from the Kardashian sisters. So this really isn't likely to help matters: It apparently features pieces ranging in the oh-so-uncommon sizes of 8 to 16. Wait, what?

Look, I know that in hyper-couture terms, size 8 may be considered “plus size,” but in “average western woman” terms, size 16 just barely is. As Mary Fischerat the Stir very sensibly asks: “Why can't they just deem this new line to be ‘regular' sized or something like that instead of throwing an unnecessary plus label on there?”

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Actually, I don't really care what the Kardashian sisters call whatever size clothing they make (this is our unicorn-sized line! and this is our perfect bitch-sized line!), but it certainly seems like a bad business move for ladies who have ostensibly built their strange careers on being saavy businesswomen.

It's also confusing, because the line is only being sold in the UK, where a size 8 is the equivalent of an American size 4. And the quote about “size 8 to 16” appears in a British newspaper. Does that mean that in American terms, the lines runs from size 4 to 10?!?