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Kama Sutra Sex Positions You Didn’t Know You Were Already Doing This Whole Time

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The Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian text basically considered to be the good book of human sexual behavior, is popularly known as a dirty sexual how-to of sorts, but it's actually way more than that. Kama aka sexual or sexual pleasure is one of the four goals of Hindu life, so the Kama Sutra is more like a guide on how to live sensually and lovingly than it is a book of dirty pictures.. It's full of poetry discussing the virtues of pleasure and intimacy and whatnot.

One day, I'm going to read a translation of the whole thing, but until then I'm going to coyly google the famous sex positions listed and try to imagine myself tangled up in the more dangerous looking moves. Not all of the positions listed in the erotic bible require acrobatic skills or any athleticism at all. Though there are some Kama Sutra positions that are for very advanced people, there are some that we've been doing this whole time!

Here are just a few of the many Kama Sutra sex positions you've already been doing:

The Rising Position*– This is when the woman raises both of her legs straight up. Even the most vanilla, routine, sexual partners must be doing this one.

The Yawning Position– This is the one where the lady puts her legs on the dudes shoulders. This move is why I want to be more flexible.

Crab's Position– When the penetrated retracts their legs toward the stomach. It's sort of like happy baby pose in yoga, only you have a dick in you.

The Lotus Blossom– The dude sits cross-legged and the lady wraps her legs around his waist and you rock back and forth. This on is intimate as hell.

The Fan– Rear entry only everybody is standing and the lady is doubled over at the waist, leaning on something to brace herself. This is the basic standing-up move that will make you feel like you're not having boring sex.

The Rider– Ladymags call it “reverse cowgirl,” but you probably call it “orgasm city.”

The Turning Man– It's just doggy style once you get a little tired and drop your elbows and pelvis to the bed.

The Position of the Tongs– The dude sits on his knees with his body upright and the lady lays on her back with her feet planted on the bed. This is embarrassing and I definitely shouldn't share, but in my head, I've referred to this position as merman and crab because it looks like the dude is a merman rising up from the water and I've felt like a little crab with my knees bent**.

*I'm pretty sure none of these are the official names of positions from the text.

**Don't tell any of my previous sex partners about that; it's a secret.

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