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Jungle Products Organic Shortening

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 organic shortening

Last year about this time I did a post on my experimentation with Organic Shortening.  I used Spectrum Naturals and was less than enthused at the results.

It was frustrating because leaf lard is really the only lard you want to use for baking, and I had no access to that, and I dislike the hydrogenated aspects of shortenings like Crisco.  I know that they are saying that it has 0 transfats per serving but the government allows a certain leeway in that and sometimes there are actually more that is admitted to on the label.

But without Crisco how are you going to get a flaky pie crust or a smooth pure white buttercream?

There is a new shortening on the organic market.  I don't know where you can get it. (Big help, aren't I?)  It is not available at Amazon yet. The Jungle Products website does not even have it. I got mine at my health food store.  Anyway, keep your eyes open for it because it is good stuff.

It does have a lower melting point than Crisco and was pretty loose when I kept it in my pantry.  DO remember that we live in Texas and I don't use air conditioning.  In any normal environment it would probably be fine.  I keep mine in the fridge and it gets a little too firm but about 10 minutes on the counter and it is ready to go.

It is called Jungle Shortening and is organic, non-hydrogenated, and really good.  The results in buttercream are perfect, and the pie crust is flaky.  It is alot like working with Crisco.

It is made from cold pressed palm and  sunflower oils.  It is very white so your white frostings will be white and not beige.  And it is smooth not grainy, which was my problem with the Spectrum brand.

If you can find it check it out. I have seen a lot of positive reviews on the Spectrum but I really disliked the texture.  This is much better…and hopefully they will be marketing it better soon.