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John Mayer May Be A Jerk, But The Tabloid Claiming He Dumped Katy Perry For Getting Fat Seriously Sucks

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john mayerListen, I wouldn't be shocked to hear that John Mayer and Katy Perry split because Mayer pulled some kind of douchey nonsense. We're all aware by now that the pop musician isn't exactly a thoughtful, committed partner. But that doesn't make it okay for some tabloid trash to print that Mayer dumped his girlfriend, a wildly successful and attractive woman, for “getting fat.”

Star Magazine is running a story that the musical couple split because Katy Perry, she of the cupcake boobs, was “not hot enough.” Even more gross, their bogus source claims that Perry is desperately trying to get in shape to win Mayer back.

Ew. Just ew.

Gossip Cop generously contacted Mayer's reps who immediately dismissed the claim. And no one should be shocked that tabloid decided to concoct their own break-up story for a famous couple. That type of nonsense happens all the time.

The real problem with this story is that people, young girls who read these stories, will believe that men just dump women for putting on a couple pounds. They'll internalize the concept that happy couples can be destroyed because a woman doesn't maintain a perfectly trim figure, and that this is a real and acceptable reason for a relationship to end.

I can remember feeling like that as a teenager, that I was just not thin enough to attract the guy I liked. I can remember believing that my high school boyfriend cheated because the other girl was more attractive than me, worrying about my wide hips and dancer's thighs.

It wasn't until I grew up and found myself in established, committed relationships that I realized how ridiculous this idea is, that a decent man would break up with you over a couple pounds. Of course, it's important to note the “decent” part. Both males and females  can choose to be petty, superficial jerks and only care about a person's weight or appearance. But those aren't the people that I would choose to be in a relationship with or would care about losing.

As an adult, I realize all of this. Teens reading tabloids? Very likely do not realize this. And that's why this type of tabloid nonsense is so harmful. No doubt Katy Perry and John Mayer are smart enough not to care about this crap. But that doesn't make the story any less irresponsible.

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