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Jillian Michaels Says GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercials Aren’t Sexist; We Think They Are

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Not that I liked Jillian Michaels much on The Biggest Loser, but after watching her new commercial for GoDaddy.com, I almost wish she would return to the show. The in-your-face trainer is appearing in yet another ad for GoDaddy–a company known for “single-handedly bringing down the tone of Super Bowl advertising” with its sexy commercials during a family-oriented event. [tagbox tag= “sexist”]

I have to admit, last year's ad was pretty funny featuring Michaels and a room full of guys holding in their stomachs. But this year's ad, called Body Paint, features GoDaddy Girls, Danica Patrick and Michaels who are shown painting the naked body of a model while talking about the supposed benefits of a dot-CO domain–benefits that seemingly exploit and sexualize a woman's body.

Michaels defends the racy ad by telling USA Today:

Go Daddy is definitely known for its sexy commercials. But for me I really like it because it allows women to be strong and powerful, but still feminine and sexy. Everything we're doing we're doing because we want to be doing it. There's nothing that exploiting us. It's a fun spot. It's a sexy spot. But we're fully clothed the entire time.

Um, did she forget about the completely nude model in the ad? There is nothing in here that suggests females are strong and powerful.

Bob Parsons, GoDaddy's controversial founder, defends the spot by saying their goal is to attract the attention of many viewers who are “well on their way to being at the legal limit of intoxication” with a “very well-endowed female”. Ugh. Is there no other way to sell a domain name company? Apparently not, according to Parsons who says they have gone from a $100 million company to a $1.1 billion company since adopting the sexy ad tack.

At least he admits it's all about the bottom line.

But he also claims the raciness is all in our minds:

We set the standard of indecency. My ads never suggest the act of sex. Any sex in the ads is manufactured in the minds of the viewers.

Yeah, right, Bob.

Take a look and tell us what you think. Does this ad belong on the Super Bowl? And does Michaels help exploit and sexualize women here?

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