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Here’s Undeniable Proof That Jesus Just Loves Carbs

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jesus pancakeJesus has appeared in food again. This time, the Son of God's face turned up in a flapjack at a California restaurant.

Karen Hendrickson, the owner of the Cowgirl Cafe in Norco, California has the holy breakfast food frozen for now and is trying to determine the best way to preserve it. Though others think the face in the pancake looks more like Cat Stevens or Charles Manson, Hendrickson believes that the timing of the appearance is pertinent. Get this: Jesus's face showed up on that pancake on Good Friday, which I've heard is a pretty big day for those with faith in Christ. Hendrickson told the USA TODAY network that

“For this to happen on Good Friday, I truly felt it was a miracle, and I'm not even a deeply religious person.”

Obviously this isn't the first time Jesus Christ's face has turned up in food. We checked out other instances to see if we could determine his favorite foods. As it turns out, the most popular man who ever lived, died and rose from the dead has a thing for carbohydrates. Take that Atkins dieters; the Lord loves carbs.

Here's a list of some of the carb laden foods where Jesus's image has appeared (click the link to see a picture):

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