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Rise Of The Jessica Simpson Womb Industrial Complex

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1331154948_jessica-simpson-lgWalking womb Jessica Simpson gushed on Twitter over the weekend about being pregnant again, less than a year after giving birth to her first child, Maxwell. So … why are we supposed to care? And why do we?

By we, of course, I mean the collective we — not ‘we' at Blisstree. We here at Blisstree have varying opinions about Simpson, I'm sure, some that involve caring and some that don't. My humble opinion is that I wish she'd shut up and disappear, because I think her whole shtick is not only obnoxious but bad for humanity, or at least woman-ity.

Seriously, WTF is this lady still famous for?

I know how and why she came to be famous, but Simpson hasn't put out an album or donned a pair of Daisy Dukes in years. All she's done is have a womb. She is currently famous for having a womb.

And for losing weight, I guess. But even that is womb-related, since the weight she lost was put on in the service of said womb's occupant. And now she can do it all again! It's a brilliant strategy, from a money-grubbing, fame-mongering perspective: Get pregnant, gain pregnancy weight, lose pregnancy weight, make a huge flipping deal about every step along the way, repeat. How old is Simpson? 32? With modern fertility technology, she could probably keep this up for at least 10 more years!

We're witnessing the rise of Jessica Simpson Womb Industrial Complex, folks. And I don't like it.

I'm having a hard time forming my impressions here into a coherent explanation, but something about all this seems intensely sexist to me. The condition of pregnancy is not inherently interesting, gaining weight is not inherently interesting, losing weight is not inherently interesting — or at least it shouldn't be. Yet we routinely lavish attention on Simpson and other washed-up celebs for going through these totally routine bodily processes.

We don't just reduce women to baby incubators, we celebrate them for being baby incubators and nothing else. We hold them up as interesting and noteworthy simply for giving birth and then hurriedly erasing all signs of doing so. It sends the message that women matter not for accomplishments, character, style, opinions or anything else but their wombs and their fuckability.

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