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Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant Again; How Long Before Weight Concern-Trolling Begins?

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jessica simpson pregnant again

Jessica Simpson is pregnant again, just seven months after giving birth to baby Maxwell…and being the subject of some of the weirdest/worst weight concern trolling we've ever seen surrounding a celebrity pregnancy. US Magazine reports that her pregnancy came surprisingly soon–not least to Simpson and her husband:

Christmas is still nearly four weeks away, but Jessica Simpson got her biggest — and totally unexpected! — present early: Another baby on the way! Seven months after giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson, the star is once again expecting, the new issue of Us Weekly exclusively confirms.
“It definitely wasn't planned. But yes, Jessica is pregnant again,” a source reveals to Us. The surprise baby-to-be is the second for the singer and Fashion Star mentor, 32, and fiance Eric Johnson. (A rep for Simpson had no comment.)

The news comes just weeks after Simpson made headlines with her weight loss, supposedly achieved through her fairly controversial partnership with Weight Watchers. And, while some are merely musing that it seems like Simpson would want to enjoy an interlude between baby weight struggles, it's only a matter of time before the comments go back to bonafide weight concern-trolling. (And, true to form, the Daily Mail is already ON IT; spending more time in their Jessica-Simpson-Is-Pregnant announcement discussing her 60 pound weight loss than her actual status as mommy (of two)-to-be.)

It's fair to say that during her first pregnancy, she morphed not only into a mom, but into a target of unceasing weight obsession. Her deal with Weight Watchers didn't help, but articles went far and above musings about a celebrity cashing in on her weight fluctuations. When headlines came out last month about Jessica Simpson possibly having considered lap band surgery at some point in the past, Carrie put it best:

I have no clear idea how she exists in the world, considering that she’s ceased being Jessica Simpson and is now only JESSICA SIMPSON’S BODY.

We don't know the details of what will happen with Jessica Simpson's Weight Watchers deal, or what will happen to her body during pregnancy number two, or how she'll handle her weight loss after baby number two. But to save you some time, here's what Carrie sees in her crystal ball:

I’ll tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about Jessica Simpson’s weight right now: it will change. It’s her body, her health, her weight, her life.

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