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Jessica Simpson Wanted Lap Band Surgery For Weight Loss; Can We All Stop Caring Now?

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I am so tired of hearing about Jessica Simpson's weight. Did you know she's working with Weight Watchers? Did you know she's working with personal trainer Harley Pasternak? Did you know she might have considered Lap Band surgery after she had her baby? Yep, I know. Because I CAN'T ESCAPE from the onslaught of media coverage of this woman and her body. However! I don't really care about every little detail regarding Jessica Simpson and her weight. And you shouldn't, either.

Beginning with her dramatic weight loss for Dukes of Hazzard in 2005, Jessica's body has been a topic of public fascination for years now. And I just think we've all had enough of the constant body scrutiny. Jessica is a woman who has a body. Her body both gains and loses weight. This is not news. This is not relevant.  And we don't need to hear about it in up-to-the-minute increments.

So what if she looked big while pregnant? So what if she had a baby and she's decided to work with Weight Watchers? So what if she considered Lap Band surgery? This topic has been done, and done to death.

But sadly, Jessica's body has become the main reason why she's in the public eye. I hear hardly anything about her singing or acting career anymore: she's now famous because of her weight fluctuations.  Jessica herself seems to have a somewhat levelheaded attitude toward all of this, maintaining the fact that she's a normal woman and a normal mom (not 100% true; not all normal moms get paid by Weight Watchers, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt because she's always seemed refreshingly run-of-the-mill for a celebrity).

I have no clear idea how she exists in the world, considering that she's ceased being Jessica Simpson and is now only JESSICA SIMPSON'S BODY. What I do have a clear idea about? It's time to stop the scrutiny. Because our obsession with Jessica's body isn't good for anyone: not for Jessica or for the many women out there who unknowingly internalize these messages from the media, messages that tell us that we're only as good as our bodies, that the only way to have value is to look a certain way.

I'll tell you everything you'll ever need to know about Jessica Simpson's weight right now: it will change. It's her body, her health, her weight, her life. And frankly, it's boring.

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