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Jennifer Lawrence Bikini Photo Repartee: “That’s Not My Butt”

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Best and worst bikini body headlines are a popular trope in tabloid magazines this time of year. Sorry, I meant all the time. For the most part, they just put us through the stages of grief: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. But Jennifer Lawrence has moved past all that; she's on to humor. On the David Letterman Show last night, she drug out paparazzi photos from a trip she recently took in Hawaii just to clarify: “That's not my butt.” I'm officially a fan of the Jennifer Lawrence bikini body repartee.

To head off accusions of him being an asshole who drags actresses onto his show to discuss their bikini bodies, Letterman clarified: “You wanted to bring this up, I had nothing to do with it.” She confirmed:

Yes, I wanted to bring this up. I was reading trashy magazines: I was on an airplane; it's my one guilty pleasure. And I'm flipping through and I find a picure of me in a bathing suit, and it's not my butt.


I will not take responsibility for it. It's a 90-year-old butt that's been photoshopped onto my body and is posing as my butt.

She went on to joke about other paparazzi photos in which she appears bloated, holding up examples and explaining “Now this is bloat. […] So I will take responsiblity for that, but I will not take responsibility for this butt.”

Full disclosure: I haven't seen Silver Linings Playbook, and J Law didn't totally blow me away in Hunger Games. But criticizing cruel magazine content by way of self-deprecating humor? That's art.

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