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Jennifer Aniston’s Baby Food Fast: Poll of the Day

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Jennifer Aniston showed off her slim figure at the Golden Globe Awards last February. (WENN.com)

Add the Baby Food Cleanse to your list of quick weight loss plans: Jennifer Aniston's doing it! According to news.com.au, she followed a diet of 14 baby food jars per day (plus an “adult meal” for dinner) in order to lose weight prior to shooting Just Go With It in Hawaii. The plan was recommended by her Hollywood personal trainer Tracy Anderson, to help Aniston shed weight after eating a more “relaxed” diet while in Europe for a few days. Aniston supposedly lost 7 pounds, but was only on the diet temporarily, and will return to eating normally.

Many of us have serious body envy over Jennifer Aniston's always-perfect figure, but would you eat baby food to slim down?

(via Jezebel)