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Jennifer Aniston Vs. Brooklyn Decker: Bikini Body Face-Off

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Jennifer Aniston vs  Brooklyn Decker  Bikini Body Face Off jennifer aniston brooklyn decker 620x448 jpgNow fulfilling male fantasies everywhere: Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston are fighting…in bikinis… in Hawaii. There’s no Jell-O or mud involved (that we know of), but rumor has it that the two actresses, who are filming the menage-a-trois-themed film Just Go With It in Hawaii, are anxious about their upcoming side-by-side bikini body scenes.

Specifically, some are saying that Jennifer Aniston flew out her personal trainer and yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber, for extra training after meeting her younger on-screen rival, and that the imminent comparison to 23-year-old Decker was the motivation behind Aniston’s rumored baby food diet.

We’d take either one of the actresses’ bikini bodies in a nanosecond – whatever yoga, running, or baby food stints were required (okay, maybe not the baby food) – but the real mystery is: Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston are supposed to be fighting over Adam Sandler. Sure, Hollywood doesn’t always aim for believable, but really?

via Exercise TV and ABC News