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Jennifer Aniston’s Diet For Stripper Role In We’re The Millers

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Jennifer Aniston s Diet For Stripper Role In We re The Millers jennifer aniston were the millers jpg

If any sentence can sum up what Jennifer Aniston ate while preparing for her upcoming role as a stripper in We’re The Millers, it is this: “When I really wanted to have a cheat day I had to have a kale chip.” Good god.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Aniston revealed her diet for the film, which includes a scene where she’s in lingerie at a warehouse with sparks flying all around her because of course it does.

“I did eat that day,” she says of the underwear scene. “I was on a very like, you know, greens and vegetables and lean proteins and kale.”

Uh, I wish it went without saying that she ate that day, but okay. As stated earlier, her “cheat days” included kale chips.

Kale chips. Are considered “cheat food.”

Jennifer Aniston s Diet For Stripper Role In We re The Millers kale chips jpg

Kale chips: the cupcakes of celebrity diets.

For his role as a stripper in Magic MikeChanning Tatum took on a vegan diet and wound up actually gaining weight. It kind of bums me out that the definition of “looking your best” as a woman is “looking your absolute thinnest,” but I suppose that is Hollywood.

Photo: We’re The Millers (2013)