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Jennifer Aniston Admits To Fillers and Botox; Has Surprisingly Healthy Attitude Towards Beauty

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jennifer aniston botox fillersBotox scares the crap out of me, but I always feel somewhat refreshed when a celebrity who looks supernaturally good for her age admits that she's gone there. Which is why I think it's pretty great that Jennifer Aniston admitted to having had injectable fillers, botox and spray tan, as well as getting her sunspots “zapped” off in her recent interview with InStyle. Because if she can admit that she doesn't do it without the help of a good dermatologist (at the very least), then at least we're all getting a little more honest about what it really takes to look like the “sexiest woman in the world.”

In her interview, Aniston says she's not a fan of cosmetic surgery, but that doesn't mean she hasn't gotten some done:

People think that I do a lot of injections, but I don’t. I’m not saying that I haven’t tried it. But I see how it’s a slippery slope. All that cosmetic stuff looks ridiculous on me.

And she also admitted that her bronzed California look isn't something that's easy to maintain now that she's 42:

I’ve started getting those little sun spots. Things are beginning to pop out. Even the texture [of my skin] is changing. So I’ve recently started zapping the spots and getting spray tans whenever I can. And I’ve graduated to using SPF 60 sunblock when I’m on the beach.

She might not be my idol in terms of what she does to her skin (I've traded that perfectly tanned look for a perfectly stark white complexion and the hope that I won't be routinely “zapping” anything on or off my face in my early 40s). But she's being honest about what it takes to maintain the look that keeps her in business.