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Jason Sudeikis Says Weight Loss Is From Banging Olivia Wilde & BBQ-Sauceless Pizza

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Jason Sudeikis Says Weight Loss Is From Banging Olivia Wilde   BBQ Sauceless Pizza jason sudeikis and olivia wilde jpg

Losing weight is no easy task, even for celebrities — though I suppose a personal trainer, access to incredible gyms and a team of nutritionists might help. But those delightful perks of fame are apparently not how Jason Sudeikis lost weight. No, he did it the old-fashioned way: sex. Sex sex sex. With Olivia Wilde.

According to an interview with ELLE, Sudeikis shed pounds via activities in the bedroom.

“The truth is, I’m not getting up an hour earlier and walking on a treadmill. I have the greatest workout partner in the world. And you don’t need a gym membership for that kind of workout.”

We concur, Jason. High five for honesty, even if it is slightly TMI. Of course, eating also played a role in his weight loss:

“A lot of it comes from tiny things, like not eating barbecue sauce with my pizza at two in the morning. I think it’s all a manifestation of being happy and wanting to treat myself well.”

First of all: story of my life. Pizza at two in the morning (except I go with ranch), or really, anything with cheese at two in the morning, is the best thing in the world. But it’s not a good practice and it can definitely impede weight loss, so I suppose that if you fall habit to it too often, you should just make it up to yourself and have sex in the morning. Good talk, guys!

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