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If You’re Looking For A Sob Story, There Are Cry Rooms In Japan

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When’s the last time you had a good, hard cry?

Whether it’s been awhile, or just five minutes, don’t even worry — we’ve all been there. Somebody has been there so much, in fact, that they’ve created “crying rooms.” And they are exactly what they sound like.

The perfect place to have a good, face-altering sob, crying rooms are secluded areas away from things like annoying roommates, concerned family members and pesky friends who want to console you when all you really want to do is cry.

Newly available at the Mitsu Garden Hotel Yotsuya in Tokyo, Japan, crying rooms include tissues for plenty of tears and snotty situations, warm eye masks and even tear-jerking movies like Forrest Gump and The Notebook. Designed for women ages 20 to 40 who are living a stressful life, I think everyone could benefit from a good crying room — especially during trying times, like a breakup or when your favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor is cleared from the ice cream aisle.

The only real problem I have with this (besides the fact that I bet men get stressed and will cry, too) is the price — which is high enough to make you cry. Rooms can be booked for 10,000 Japanese yen per day, which is the equivalent of about $85. Yikes.

The other problem? Rooms are only available until August 31. So if you want to break up with that guy, or quit your job, or have that horrible fight with your sister, you better do it now. Oh, and in Japan.