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Jan Marini Skin Research Winner

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I’m happy to give Gina a gift of skin care products from Jan Marini Skin Research and a tube of Eye Lash Conditioner. They sent me some Enlighten Serum, an Enlighten Lotion, Sunscreen and a tube of Marini Lash Eyelash Conditioner.

I’m super-blessed because right after I my skin started looking better from being bled (yeah, you heard me correctly) Jan Marini sent me the wonderful products to try out.

Does my skin look better?

Yes, of course. I’ve been being bled.

Did the skin care products help?

Well, duh.

If nothing else they made me feel like I was taking care of my skin. After staring in the mirror with consternation and puzzlement from not knowing what was causing all those brown spots (a liver condition called Hemochromatosis if you just got here) it was nice just to pamper and appreciate my skin while using these products.

I’ve even skipped foundation or powder because my skin is looking so good. This morning I actually said, “I look fantastic!” Then I liked how that sounded so I said, “No Really, You really look fantastic today!” to myself in the mirror (that, my friends, is the secret to good self-esteem.)

My favorite is the sunscreen, because Hello – I’m not ever laying out again and I’m going to prevent aging sun damage as much as possible.

But, for some reason applying serum as well as lotion felt like applying magic. Serum sounds like alchemy doesn’t it?

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I am most intrigued by the Marini Lash. This stuff promises to make your eye lashes grow back with a proprietary peptide. It retailsfor $160!

Have you noticed eyelids bald with age?

First, stop using Dollar Store Mascara and half of them will grow back on their own.

Second, hello Tracee, stop picking clumps of mascara off while you watch tv late at night and maybe wash it off – this will avoid actually pulling eyelashes right out of your eye lids.

Third, try the two step Loreal Volume Shocking Mascara that I wrote about in this hilarious piece about telling my daughter the lies inherent in beauty advertising.

Can I get them to grow back is a question I’ve never gotten an answer to. Jan Marini says I can. Now, my eyelashes do look fuller. Of course, it has only been a few weeks and you know how when you stare at your face long enough you can’t be sure you’re seeing reality after a while? Can I remember what my lashes looked like before?

So, I’m going to withhold judgment on that for now. I’ll continue to use it and I’ll let you know whether or not they really and truly are growing back in a few weeks.

In the meantime, there is one significant change that I am crediting to this make-up. My adult acne is better. Completely gone, not yet. But, it would seem the birth control pills were actually working for me in more ways than one. Since the vasectomy (and during both pregnancies) my acne has missed those birth control pills. (We’ve also recently started using condoms again – free of any reproductive reason to use birth control and we’re inventing all sorts of ways to bring it back it’s side effects.But that ladies is a story for another day. Subscribe to the RSS feed so you don’t miss it.)

Gina – you lucky duck – I hope this Blogtoberfest gift of Jan Marini Skin Research makes you appreciate your skin as much as it’s made me appreciate mine!