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Jamie Eason’s 3-Hour Diet: Set Your Alarm to Weight Loss

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How to get slim? Eat a lot! Most of us eat about three times a day – sometimes less. But Blisstree met with fitness model Jamie Eason and bodybuilding.com yesterday to learn about a few secrets of getting in shape, including Jamie's favorite rule of eating: Eat every three hours. Period.

She claims that if you eat all the same foods, but spread them out over 6 meals a day, eaten every three hours, you'll speed up your metabolism and lose weight. She showed us photos of her family, who she forced to follow her “6-9-12-3-6-9” plan (eat at 6 a.m., 9 a.m., 12 p.m., and so on…) eating all the same foods but eaten every three hours, and voila! They all lost weight and felt much better.

She challenged us to set our alarms for every three hours, and eat something every time it goes off, even if we're not hungry. Though the 3-hour eating plan isn't all she does to get this ripped, the photos of her Mom before and after switching to a 3-hour eating plan convinced us that we should give it a try.

Photo: courtesy of jamieeason.com and Brian Fitzsimmons