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Disgusting New Jack In The Box ‘Hot Mess Burger’ Is Appropriately Titled

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If there is any compliment you can truly pay to the fast food industry, it's that it always has something new up its sleeves. From fried chicken double downs to bacon f'ing milkshakes, fast food is ingenious when it comes to finding (figuratively) fresh ways to clog arteries, feed college stoners and generally gross people out. Enter: the new Jack in the Box burger, which will do just that once again.

The “Hot Mess” burger consists of a giant beef patty, fried onion rings, jalapenos and is loaded with pepper jack cheese, all on a sourdough “bun.” As if that were not enough, eaters can also make it a combo with “Hot Mess” wedges, which are potatoes “smothered” in jalapenos and pepper jack cheese to match the burger, as well as a Hot Cinnamon milk shake featuring spicy/sweet ice cream. Please tell me I'm not the only person who thinks this sounds like the least appealing combo in the world, and this is coming from a person who actually loves certain fast food combinations (In N Out burgers, fries & zebra shakes, anyone?).

What's weirder about the burger, introduced yesterday, is that Jack in the Box has decided to make it 80s hair band themed, complete with a website and promotional videos featuring a fictional band called Meat Riot. (Ew.) Its “anthem” song, naturally titled “Hot Mess,” will be played both on Pandora and jukeboxes at Jack in the Box locations. Seems like a lot of effort to sell a gross burger in a bizarre combo, but then again, fast food knows few bounds when it comes to advertising.

Photo: Jack In The Box