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It’s “Someday We’ll Laugh About This” Week

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We all have events in our lives that seem really embarrassing or frustrating and while some of the memories don't change, many of them do become things we laugh about later down the line.

laughingEmbarrassing events could be having your slip fall down around your ankles as you walk across a subway platform (yup, had that happen) or trying to walk through a glass door (yup, had that happen too). Frustrating could be falling and badly separating  your shoulder on the day that you're moving from your big house to a small condo (yup, guess who did that three weeks ago?). Now, I do laugh about the first two things, I'm not yet at the laughing stage for the third. One, it doesn't seem quite funny yet and two, my shoulder still hurts too much.

“You'll laugh about it later”

You know when you've done something dumb and you feel mortified, someone could very well say to you “you'll remember this and laugh.” While you're wallowing in your embarrassment, you can't imagine how that could be possible. Isn't it funny that this does happen later on?

What are some of your laughable moments? I shared some of mine – now it's your turn!


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