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It’s National Hot Dog Month

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Not surprisingly, July is National Hot Dog Month in the United States. It's not hard to guess why this is, what with the 4th of July kicking off a whole summer or opportunities for grilling and outdoor cooking!


Hot dogs have been part of the national diet since 1870, when German immigrant Charles Feltman began selling sausages in rolls at Coney Island. Though the creation of the hot dog itself is long-disputed, with some claims going back as far as 1480, the summertime favorite was an instant hit in the States.

The original Feltman shop even spawned one of the more famous hot dog shops — Nathan's Famous in New York City. Apparently, Nathan Handwerker, a Polish immigrant and a worker of Feltman's, was encouraged by a couple of celebrity clients to start up his own place using a hot dog recipe created by his wife Ida, and he undercut his new competition by selling his dogs for only five cents each, whereas Feltman was selling his for ten cents each. [wikipedia]

Much like pizza, New York and Chicago both have a long-standing “feud” over who has the best food. Make a dog of your own and judge for yourself!

New York hot dogs are pretty simple. Typical toppings include only mustard, sauerkraut and sweet onions.

Chicago, on the other hand, goes all out, and can include any or all of the following:

~ Mustard
~ Catsup
~ Sweet relish
~ Chopped white onions
~ Chopped green pepper
~ Hot peppers
~ Dill pickle spears
~ Cucumber spears
~ Tomatoes
~ Shredded lettuce
~ Celery salt

What's your favorite hot dog topping? What's your favorite hot dog brand?

[image: flickr]