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It’s Been Another Day

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So, as if we haven't had to adapt to enough changes over the past fifteen months, Marye taking over the driving has really tried her schedule of too few hours in a day.

With all of the other stresses put on us the last two Doctor visits have had the “C” word (cancer) float into the conversation. This Tuesday really did it. The Doctor asked, “Marc, you haven't been driving have you? Marc you can not drive until you are six months seizure and/or syncope free.”


Our son Chris has left his '06 Dodge Ram,”Yes it's got a HEMI in it” 4×4 for me to drive while he is overseas for the next three years. Now it will sit for a while.

Today I thought Marye was going to lose it. Normally I would drive Matthew to college and pick him up. Marye has to do that now which means she is taken away from her work, blogging and freelance writing assignments.

If you have read Marye's post from a few days ago, I am trapping the resident raccoons and releasing them on the 100 acre sanctuary that our church is situated on. Well, guess what my lovely wife had to do today?

You got it. She had to drive the little critter and myself sixteen miles to the church, after dropping Matt at college. Ethan also was with us this afternoon and needed to get his hair cut. You got it! Lots of errands. Time crunch.

Then we were off to the health food center for Marye to reward herself and get a massage and I was to meet with the nutritionist to see if she could recommend some herbal remedies for me.

When she read my list of meds it kind of overwhelmed her . She needs to research some things and get back to us.

As we left there Marye asked I needed anything at the grocers next door. I told her I needed shaving cream and after shave balm. So we go in for 2 things and check out with too many items for the express lane. As the cashier is ringing us up, the 3rd item comes up on the register screen at $109,895.00! Talk about inflation.

Another 10-15 minutes later we exit the store. Now it is time to pick Matt up at the college. Needless to say Marye's schedule for the day was derailed and a major disaster was looming.

Marye was driving and started talking about dinner and how she won't have time to prepare it. Then she asks me if I know how to fillet a chicken breast. She knows my cooking skills. and should have known my answer would be no, I never have done that. So now she is explaining to me how to do it.

After we get home, I accomplish the filleting and add a cinnamon chipotle rub to the breasts. Let them soak in the rub and start up the grill. Ethan is inside preparing the jasmine rice and a short while later we are all sitting down to eat.

It was good. Several of the kids even commented on how good the chicken came out. Through this I may finally learn to cook after all these years.

It's almost 11:00 pm and I'm just about to post this and tomorrow we get to do it all over. Pray for Marye. She needs it.

Did I mention I set the live trap out by the chicken coop tonight. Tomorrow could be a repeat of today, and I need to get a ride to work and back, also.