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Star Magazine Assumed LeAnn Rimes Was Pregnant

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These two are not going to be parents (yet).

Ugh, don't people know it's rude to assume someone's expecting a baby?

Yesterday, LeAnn Rimes tweeted to deny the rumor tabloid Star Magazine published speculating that the country music star and her husband Eddie Cibrian were expecting a wee bundle of joy. She's a good sport because the rumor made her laugh her ass off:

leann-rimes-pregnant-twitterStar allegedly used photos taken of Rimes at the Friend Movement Benefit in Los Angeles last week as evidence of the pregnancy. Unfortunately, she's had to defend her body before. In 2011 there were rumors that Rimes had an eating disorder after pictures were released of her looking thin. It's weird that, just last week, The Daily Mail found it “hard to believe that back in 2011 the Borrowed singer used to be accused of having an eating disorder with a rumoured addiction to laxatives.” Why is that hard to believe? Her weight is being scrutinized and monitored.

Tabloid people are such jerks. First of all, anyone with a shred of decency knows to not assume someone is pregnant unless a baby is currently wriggling out of her birth canal. Assuming that someone has an eating disorder is just as screwed up and rude. Even if she did have an eating disorder, it's malicious and cruel to openly criticize sick person and publish paparazzi pictures of them. But she did not have an eating disorder, so they were just being super-pricks and picking on her for being thin.

Rimes claimed she never had a  “problem with eating as [she] ate a ton all the time,”  and  “could eat [her] husband under the table!” I'll believe her about that because I don't know her and don't really care about her eating habits, but it's pretty goofy to think about how many thin celebrities claim they gorge themselves and magically stay thin. Surely some of them are being dishonest about how careful they are about their diet do to the extreme pressure in their field to be a specific size. They shouldn't have to talk about their eating habits or bodies at all–unless they're into doing that sort of thing the way Gwyneth is.

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