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Is He Ready For The Potty Chair?

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My son has been showing quite a number of signs that he is ready to be potty trained, course every time I try to make him learn it never works. So I’ve decided to tell you a little about his day and some other experiences we’ve had that showed he was ready, feel free to leave your stories here and your advice.

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Earlier today I was uploading “Elf” into the DVD for Little A, he had grabbed a diaper and was playing with this sisters’ toys. I thought nothing of it and went about loading his movie, that is until I heard, “Mom help!”

When I looked over I see that Little A has a dirty diaper beside him (thankfully just pee) and a new one all on, except he couldn’t strap it just right as it got stuck under him. But you could see he took the initiative and all. He was so proud once I helped him he kept repeating, “I did it!” Yeah I think he’s ready.

A few months ago we went through the whole thing when he’d run to his potty and go. But that was short lived, where he once carried his potty in all the rooms he now has it in the bathroom but doesn’t really use it. What would you do?