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The Great Milk Debate: Is Dairy The Next Evil Food Group?

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is milk bad for you

For decades, the National Dairy Council has invested millions of dollars in marketing each year–and effectively taught every mom in America to be a walking reminder of why you have to drink your milk. But in recent years, many nutritionists have begun to question whether dairy is really part of a healthy, balanced diet, and many of them say “no.” Their reasoning ranges from comparing milk to pus (sorry, I know that's gross) to an uptick in food sensitivities and concerns over milk processing. But for many of us, the great milk debate has led to more confusion than clarity. So we want to know: Is dairy the next evil food group?

To get a primer on why so many of us are confused about milk, I spoke with Dr. Frank Lipman, an Integrative and Functional Medicine Physician and founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City, and asked him some of my most pressing questions.

Check out what he had to say:

Most of us grew up thinking that milk was a necessary food group, but now some are saying it’s evil. What’s your stance?

Though cow's milk may be the perfect food for baby cows, it's not necessarily great for adult human beings. Dairy is a pro-inflammatory for many people, and classic symptoms of dairy sensitivity are mucus production, respiratory problems, digestive symptoms (such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation), fatigue, joint pains, and skin problems that range from rashes to acne.

Many people don’t have these symptoms when they drink raw milk, so maybe the problems occur because of what is done to dairy. However, raw milk is not readily available in most states.

I’ve also heard that it’s the hormones in milk that make it bad. So does that mean that milk from grass-fed, organic, non-hormone treated cows is ok?

That's true, there are over 60 hormones in an average glass of milk. If you're going to drink milk, then it’s best to drink milk from grass-fed, organic, non-hormone treated cows. However, I recommend drinking almond milk, rice milk or hemp milk instead of cow's milk.

Why are so many more people suddenly lactose-intolerant or sensitive to dairy?

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