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Single Dad With Brain Cancer Wins Marathon With Daughter In Tow

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Maybe you need to hear some uplifting news this morning. I know I do. Well, check out the story of Iram Leon, the single dad with brain cancer who recently won a marathon in Beaumont, Texas, while pushing his daughter in a stroller.

The dad-and-daughter duo from Austin, Tx., had to get special consideration to run in the race (well, for a stroller to be in the race). Iram Leon said:

“They initially said no, and then they said the slept on it and to let me in was a no-brainer, which I love the joke, you know.”

It’s a joke because Leon, 32, is currently suffering from brain cancer, Grade 2 Diffuse Astrocytoma. Diagnosed two years ago at the age of 30,  doctors have told him it is unlikely that he will live to see the age of 40.  Leon is no longer able to drive a car or play contact sports, but he has no problems running, something that he says he loves to do with his daughter Kiana, who is 6 years old. They have already done quite a few races together. They’ve done 10ks and half marathons, but this was their first full 26 miler.

Entry to the Gusher Marathon in Beaumont was denied to Leon several times before he was finally accepted, he said. And it’s a good thing he was: while pushing Kiana in a stroller, Leon actually won the marathon, coming in with a time of three hours, seven minutes and 35 seconds. He wrote on his blog:

There’s something incredibly comforting about the fact that cancer and its side effects have ruined many things, but they haven’t taken away my ability to run and love.…Perhaps the reason the universe was kind enough to let me win the only marathon that has ever let me in pushing Kiana was to remind me why it’s letting me keep breathing, even if it’s hard, a little bit longer.

SNIFF. I think I have something in my eye, you guys….Wow. There’s nothing like a heartwarming story to start off your weekend, am I right? I wish the best to this little family and hope they have many more marathons ahead of them.

Photo: Iram Leon’s Facebook