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iPAD by Andre Hodgskin

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The iPAD by New Zealand architect Andre Hodgskin arrived on the scene last spring but I don't think I ever posted anything about it. While I like Hodgskin's work, the iPAD is not one of those homes I totally fell for. The iPAD is designed to work well as a one bedroom home, a studio, an office, a holiday home, and more. I think you could use it as your main home base just fine though. Its starter size runs small, but you can configure the iPAD with more sq ft. I don't particularly think this home would look great big. It's nice small in my opinion.

iPAD stats:

  • A single iPAD totals 50m sq with decks of 55m sq and will retail in New Zealand for $125,000.00.
  • Various external cladding and color options are available.
  • iPAD can be manufactured off-site and transported to its final destination, or shipped (as a kit) and erected on site by a licensed contractor.

iPAD is not my fave so far as exteriors go, but I like the interior layout options a lot. Below are main space and bedroom shots.

Learn more about iPAD.

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