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Internet Insanity: 10 Sexual Wikipedia Pages To Read Next Time You’re Bored

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Internet Insanity  10 Sexual Wikipedia Pages To Read Next Time You re Bored welcome to the internet bitch 640x524 jpgPutting this list together was kind of a rough ride. It started out innocently enough–I was just reading a little bit about sex on Wikipedia, but things started getting dark. Sexually darkGod knows how long I was under Wikipedia’s spell, just clicking and reading and opening tab after tab.

Wikipedia is a portal to a world of practically infinite information that may or may not be factually sound. When bored, a wiki-wormhole is a great place to pass the time, but when you’re at work, it may be a little unprofessional to let your eyes glaze over as you try to cram so many sex facts into your head.

Let me guide you into a Wikipedia Wormhole from which you may never escape:

  1. Outline of Human Sexuality- Ripe with raunchy and clickable links.
  2. List of Paraphilias- Prepare to be horrified and excited
  3. Sex Magic– Exactly what it sounds like, but more fascinating.
  4. Death during consensual sex- I know it sounds flippant, but I want to high five the ghost of anyone who died during consensual sex.
  5. List of Sex-Related Court Cases in the United States- Just something to do after watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit or like, the news
  6. List of Federal Political Sex Scandals in the United States– Just something to do after watching Scandal or like, the news.
  7. Julia Tuttle Causeway Sex Offender Colony-Contrary to popular belief, the entire state of Florida is not a sex offender colony.
  8. Sex in Space-Don’t knock it ’til you try it.
  9. List of French Royal Mistresses– Tres érotique et scandaleux.
  10. Food and Sexuality- For all the George Costanzas out there and anyone weirdly obsessed with aphrodisiacs.

Sorry if you never do anything productive ever again.