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International Delurking Week 2010!

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It's International Delurking Week 2010, that time of year where bloggers 'round the world ask their readers — new and faithful — to delurk and leave a comment!

Who are you? Leave a comment!

Who are you? Leave a comment!

Whether you're a first-time reader, first-time commenter, or long-time subscriber (thank you!), please let me hear from you! As an incentive, if you also have a blog and you link your name to it, I promise to leave a return comment on your site!

Not sure what to say? Tell me how you found Breastfeeding 1-2-3, how long you've been reading, or what you'd like to see from the blog in 2010. Tell me which country you call home — let's see how many report in! Or just say hello!

Leave a comment! Even if you've left a comment before, delurk again in 2010!