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This New “Internal Bra” Isn’t Actually A Bra At All

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internal braThe Daily Mail has revealed that there's “a revolutionary new operation” that at least three British women have already undergone (as trials operations). The new surgery is fits what they refer to as an internal bra inside the bottom of breasts to “combat sagging.”

Here's how The Daily Mail describes it:

The ‘internal bras' comprise a fine hardened silicone cup placed under the breast tissue, and fine silk straps screwed into the patient's ribs to lift the breast.

It's lingerie for your ligaments! Well, it's not really lingerie at all. I'm not sure why it's referred to as a bra because as far as I am aware, brassieres are garments that are worn outside the body. Check out this picture illustrating the procedure.

Despite the “fine silk straps,” it's not really a bra at all. Due to the “hardened silicone cups” implanted under the breast tissue, it's more of a breast implant, only more expensive. At London's Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital, the internal bra procedure will set the consumer back “£6,000 – around £1,000 more than standard breast implants.”

Though this operation sounds like and has been marketed as a miraculous cure to breast ptosis, it's too new to really be touted as such. According to Professor Kefah Mokbel of the London Breast Institute, the procedure has only been in development since 2007 and though it “may prove to be an effective alternative” that “will have a real impact… people should understand it is not a quick fix.”

Professor Mokbel explains why those who believe it is a “magical solution” to saggy boobs should be cautirous:

We don't know the long-term side effects yet. There is a need for clinical trials with adequate numbers and follow ups to prove the efficacy and safety in the long term. It is very important.

He elaborates:

One of the things to be looked into is if fixing silk straps to the ribs will have side effects.

This is one of the main differences between this internal bra and an actual bra. Real brassieres use silk straps over the skin.

He explains how this surgery differs from standard breast implants:

In a standard breast operation the silicone implants are inserted behind the breast to minimise the risk.

These cups go under the skin, so the question is do we know the long-term effect to women, will they develop scaring [sic] and will the internal bra affect the shape of the breast in the long term?

Here's why it might not even really work to solve the saggy breast problem:

[M]any women with saggy breasts do not just need their breast tissue lifting, they require surgery to address their skin.

This procedure can be used alongside standard surgery when the breasts are lifted to reduce the risk of a occurrence of sagging.

…But it is unlikely to be effective on its own. It is important that a women has procedures to address the skin as well as the breast tissue itself.

Compared to this, breast lifts and implants are starting to sound more appealing, efficient and prudent.

The internal bra device has been given a CE marking and complies with European Union safety, health and environmental requirements, but that doesn't mean the surgery itself is all well and good and safe. According the the Professor,

CE marking only refers to the safety in the sense of the materials itself, the actual product. But it does not mean the procedure is safe.

Until further notice, I think I'll just stick to cloth bras that stay outside of my boobs.

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