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Two Classmates Invented Cake In A Can, Proving Harvard Students Really Are Geniuses

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Two Classmates Invented Cake In A Can  Proving Harvard Students Really Are Geniuses shutterstock 190769585 640x426 jpgIn a crazy modern twist on baked goods, one Harvard student has invented cake in a can, the fastest way to bake a cake since the Easy Bake Oven (at least, I think).

Spray Cake is a patent-pending invention that makes fresh cake available to anyone—zero baking skills required.  While Spray Cake doesn’t sound particularly appetizing, it promises to spray cake from a nozzle into a pan, which can then be microwaved for 60 seconds, creating the final product.


Inspired by a ‘Science of Cooking’ class at Harvard University, the mastermind behind the idea, John McCallum, had a bunch of ideas for his final project that all revolved around, “ways to eat more cake.”

In order to do that, McCallum thought about how to use the forces of whipped cream technology for cake batter, replicating the leavening process and allowing the cake to rise without baking soda or power.

When he teamed up with his now-girlfriend Brooke Nowakowski (because how can you not fall in love inventing instant cake for the masses?), the two enrolled in a course called “Startup R&D” to perfect the Spray Cake concept. After working to develop their idea, the couple went on to enter the 2014 Harvard Innovation challenge, which they won and walked away with a $10,000 prize.

Spray Cake will be available to the public ASAP, but McCallum says the product won’t be manufacteured by just anyone. McCallum wants Spray Cake batter to be organic and kosher certified—as any Harvard grad would:

“We want fresh cake batter, not some overly processed food.”

Okay, so this is amazing. But what I’m really interested in is, how does it taste?

Chef Jurgen David, the International Culinary Center’s Senior Coordinator of Pastry Arts (which I just found out is a thing), says the simplified baking style “doesn’t taste weird,” and still has the “cake-like texture.”

In a taste test with Joanne Chang, owner of restaurant Myers + Chang, Spray Cake got the thumbs up.

I’m really happy that consumptions from cans didn’t end at CheezWhiz. So what’s next? Cupcakes from a can? Cheesecake from a can? The possibilities are endless and America is going to be so, so fat!