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Pop Philosophy: 13 Inspirational Quotes From My Favorite Old Hippie Philosophy Book

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Das Energi

Das Energi was written by a man named by Paul Williams and published in 1973. I stumbled upon it circa 1997, in my early teens, and it changed my life.

That's not something I say lightly; I re-read the Buddism-tinged hippie philosophy book each year like some might consult the Bible. Sure, it can get a little boomer—but if you can overlook the bits about universal consciousness and us all being God, there are some amazing ideas and philosophies found within.

Williams digs into love, sex, guilt, morality, jealousy, work, self-confidence, the nature of reality and more in this slim, strangely punctuated volume (I've kept in the line breaks and such as they appear in the text), and most of the friends I've lent it to in life have reacted somewhere between nonchalance and mockery. Yet the odd person I give it to comes back from reading it—like I did—totally inspired. I hope at least a few of you fall in that latter category …

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