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That Girl: Meet 13-Time Ironman, Wendy Mader

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swim 10kEach week on That Girl we celebrate inspirational female athletes. This week, we are proud to feature Wendy Mader–the co-founder and owner of t2coaching. Wendy has made a lifelong commitment to fitness and has gone from being a competitive collegiate swimmer to 20 years of experience competing in triathlon, including 13 Ironmans. Oh, and did we mention that she was the overall Amateur Winner at the prestigious Ironman Hawaii in Kona in 2008? Take a look at her story and be inspired!


Wendy Mader

Fort Collins, Colorado

Health, Fitness and Sport Coach at t2coaching

Fitness /health accomplishment you are most proud of:

I am most proud of my 2008 Ironman World Championship Win in Kona. I had been to Kona five times and never even podiumed. In 2007 I decided I had what it takes to win. I am also involved with Athletes in Tandem and completed an Olympic Distance Triathlon. Plus, I swam my first 10k in Horsetooth Rez in 2011 and attempted a 100-mile trail run in Steamboat.

What inspires you to get fit every day?

Health, fitness, strength and achieving challenges keep me going. I am also driven by the athletes I coach.

What do you do when you don't feel like working out?

When I don't feel like working out, I just remind myself of my goals and challenges, and that motivates me to get it done. It is rare when I do not feel like training though.

Favorite energizing meal:

I love a Shakeology post training. I also eat rice cakes with almond butter, coffee and three pieces of candy every morning and mid afternoon.

What's your favorite way to chill post-workout?

Depending on the length of the workout and if it is a weekday or weekend…ice baths, naps, computer and Facebook. Napping is my top choice though–when I have the time on the weekends.

What is your top kick-ass workout?

My absolute favorite is a “Brick Sandwich” which includes riding 30 miles up Rist Canyon–a very hilly course. Then running 10 miles on Old Flowers road/trail, then biking home. I love to ride/run/ride.

Where is your favorite/most unique place you've ever exercised?

I don't travel much so I do not have a unique place. I loved running in Leadville, Rocky Mountain National Park. I also ride my bike alot indoors while I work on my computer.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned through sports?

Patience. If you believe, you achieve. Enjoy the experience. When in doubt, don't do it. If you have always done what you always did, you will always get what you always got. Train hard, rest harder to achieve peak fitness.

Photo: courtesy of Wendy Mader