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That Girl: Meet Jill Miller Who Healed From Eating Disorders With Yoga

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Jill__millerEach week on That Girl we celebrate inspirational female athletes. This week, we are proud to feature Jill MIller, a yoga and core fitness instructor and business owner who says she is proud of herself for facing her “own body dysmorphia and healing from two of the deadliest diseases known to young women, anorexia and bulimia.” We're proud of her too. Yoga and exercise, she says, have allowed her to nurture her body, heal it, and find her true strength and power. Take a look at Jill's amazing inspiration:


Jill Miller
Los Angeles, CA
Age 41
Creator of Yoga Tune Up®/Owner of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide
Sport= Conscious Corrective Exercise

Fitness/health accomplishment you are most proud of:

I am deeply proud of myself for facing my own body dysmorphia and healing from two of the deadliest diseases known to young women, anorexia and bulimia. Recovery was difficult, but recognizing my life as a blessing and my body as a source of power and beauty was an epic turnaround for me. I am most proud of my Coregeous® DVD which addresses re-defining your core from inside-out and the emotional baggage that comes along with that transformation. My greatest accomplishment thus far is sharing my strategies of Pain-Free Fitness through my Yoga Tune Up® DVD's, Therapy Balls, courses and trainings.

What inspires you to get fit every day?

My workout is like flossing my teeth. I just don't feel right if I don't take care of my insides. My body craves self-massage, joint mobility, strengthening, agility and deep rest. Exercising is my greatest regulator. It impacts my mood, my outlook and my income. I am very motivated without being coached. I am one of “those people” who find movement as a foundational element to living well.

What do you do when you don't feel like working out?

My “rest days” always include some time doing self-massage with my therapy balls. This relaxes me deeply and helps me maintain mobility, suppleness and coordination with very little effort. It also rehabs or pre-habs my body if I am nursing an injury or am in pure maintenance mode.

Favorite energizing meal:

I love my breakfast: organic slow cooking oats, flax seed, walnut oil and low fat cottage cheese. It gets me through the entire morning and my workout, and I never feel hungry. Oh, and French Press Kona coffee.

What's your favorite way to chill post-workout?

Walking my dogs with my husband.

What is your top kick-ass workout?

I adore core work and challenging my whole body. My workout uses novel breathing strategies, angles and planes to challenge and strengthen every myofascial connection throughout my body. I have also recently fell in love with jump-rope.

Where is your favorite/most unique place you've ever exercised?

My favorite place to play is my hometown, Santa Fe, NM. I love working out in high altitude.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned through sports?

Self-care and disciplined maintenance are just as important as building your skill-set. The body needs ample recovery time in order to perform at its peak. It keeps pain away and reduces your chances of injury. Self-massage, proper stretching, rest and meditation are critical tools for the performance based body whether you train to compete or just love your weekly yoga or pilates classes. And one last thing I have learned is: do not overlook your posture, ever. It always matters, every move you make follows you like a shadow. Make every movement count.

For more information on Jill, visit her website.

Photo: courtesy of Jill Miller