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That Girl: Meet Inspirational Pilates Trainer, Cassey Ho

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tumblr_m6uikcw9Q01qd45ayo1_1280Each week on That Girl we celebrate inspirational female athletes. This week, we are proud to feature Cassey Ho, a Pilates trainer who blogs about her fitness and creates motivating YouTube videos–she once even rolled out her mat in front of Buckingham Palace just to get in a good (and royal) workout! Read more about how she stays fit and healthy!


Cassey Ho

San Francisco Bay Area

Age 25

YouTube Fitness Guru and blogger known as “Blogilates

Fitness accomplishment you are most proud of:

I'm really proud of the fitness friendships the whole Blogilates community has fostered these past couple of years! I never expected anything crazy to come out of posting short Pilates workouts on YouTube, but there are girls all over the world motivating and encouraging each other to stay fit and eat healthy even when their surrounding environment or family makes it hard to do so. This community is so golden! I am extremely proud to be a part of it!

What inspires you to get fit every day?

Being able to see the progression in my strength and flexibility! I like looking back and seeing what I couldn't do or lift a few months ago and what I can do now! It really puts into perspective my personal fitness journey. This inspires me to see the bigger picture and to keep going–especially on days when I feel like nothing is going right.

What do you do when you don't feel like working out?

Haha! Normally I do! But this question is unusually timely because these past few months have been really bad for staying on track as I have been traveling like a madwoman. So when I don't feel like working out there are two options: I push my feelings aside and just do it. Once I get over the initial “ugh I don't feel like it” hump, I'm good to go. Or I say, “It's OK just go doubly hard tomorrow!” The thing is, I actually do go doubly hard tomorrow. It's not just an excuse.

Favorite energizing meal:

Banana pancakes! Just use one banana and two whole eggs. Mix together as a batter then pour onto a skillet and make pancakes. Yes I am serious. It works, it's wholesome, healthy, and good!

What's your favorite way to chill post-workout?

I really like to stretch and use a foam roller while listening to good music.

What is your top kick-ass workout?

I love an intense bootcamp class. It hits every muscle while making me sweat like crazy!

Where is your favorite/most unique place you've ever exercised?

Hahahahaha! Once I plopped down my mat in front of Buckingham Palace and just did a workout. I'm serious. Here's the evidence.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned through sports?

Everything counts. What you eat, how you train, how you sleep…you can't cheat and see results. You need to be true to yourself and take the journey day by day. Don't expect an overnight miracle. All great things are accomplished through hard work and passion.

Photo: courtesy of Cassey Ho