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12 Days of DIY: Pomegranate & Vanilla Infused Vodka

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It's day eight of our holiday gift-making series, 12 Days of DIY. Today's project might be my favorite of them all (if only because it's the one I'd most like to receive): Pomegranate & vanilla infused vodka. Instructions for making this fruit-infused vodka come from “lawyer turned stay-at-home foodie mum” Ren Behan, who blogs about food and cooking at RenBehan.com.


• Bottle(s). One 1-liter (4 cup) glass bottle or three 250 milliliter glass bottles.
Pomegranate seeds. Roughly the amount from one large pomegranate, about 2/3 cup (120 grams).
Vanilla pods. Three. [Behan used Ndalli fairtrade vanilla pods.]
Vodka. One 25 ounce (or 75cl) bottle.
Sugar. One cup.
Water. One cup.

Pomegranate Vanilla Infused VodkaDO IT:

Step 1.  Sterilize your bottle(s). You can do this by putting them through a dishwasher cycle right before using, washing in hot soapy water and then putting them in the over at 170 degrees, or boiling them in plain water.

Step 2. Put pomegranate seeds and vanilla beans into sterilized bottle(s).

Step 3. Add vodka!

Step 4. Put sugar and water in a pan and boil until sugar dissolves. Let cool slightly.

Step 5. Pour cooled sugar syrup into vodka, cap bottle and shake well.

Step 6. Store in a cool, dry area. Shake bottle every few days.

Step 7. Before drinking or giving as a gift, strain vodka into a newly sterilized bottle or container to lose the pomegranate seeds. You can add a few fresh pomegranate seeds and vanilla beans to your bottles for a decorative touch.

Photos & Instructions: RenBehan.com. Check it out for more great DIY and recipe ideas, like this black rum infused fruit or this purple fig and pomegranate jam.