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Infographic: 8 Limbs of Yoga Go Modern

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Do yoga long enough, and you might actually find yourself getting curious about the meaning behind all those poses. (And if you're going to chant and listen to Hindi instructions, you might as well know what it all means, right?) But words like “Patanjali” and “eight limbs” can scare a would-be yogi straight out of the studio, which is why we particularly dig this modern yogic infographic from Alison Hinks, which demonstrates in simple and elegant terms how to practice all aspects of classical yoga:

Hinks has pared down the principles of yoga to make her diagram deceptively simple and straightforward. (If you've ever practiced yoga or tried to wrap your head around meditation, you know that those eight limbs aren't easy to pin down.) But there are no Hindu gods, loin cloths, or overly-spiritual drawings, so even Samadhi and Pratyahara can appeal our Western sensibilities.

via YogaDork