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Inappropriate Marijuana-Shaped Halloween Candy Hits The Streets

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Halloween continues on its downward trend. On Friday, it was the inappropriate sexy anorexic costume; today it's the inappropriate candy shaped like marijuana leaves.

Yep, the sour apple-flavored Pothead Ring Pots and Pothead Lollipops may not contain anything illegal, but they certainly represent a new low. As if the candy shaped like this is not enough, the package also comes complete with the word “legalize” on the front and a joint-smoking, peace sign-waving user. Critics fear–rightly so–that this could set up kids to try the real thing. At the very least, knowing that these are on sale at over 1,000 stores across the country is just plain poor taste.

Andrew Kalan, president of Kaplan LP, the candy's manufacturer, said the sale of the candy does “pretty well.” Shocking, we know, but he also promotes the legalization of marijuana.

This isn't the first inappropriate candy to hit shelves though. How many of us remember trying candy cigarettes in our youth? I can recall holding one just like I had seen adults do and even pretending to blow smoke from my mouth like it was the cool thing to do. (Little did I know how ridiculous I looked. This I know because I have since watched other little kids do the same thing and wish someone would tell them to quit looking like such a dork.) Then there's “kid-friendly” champagne that one such unthinking relative of mine continues to contribute to Thanksgiving dinner every year for the under-21 crowd. On top of the fact that it's also setting them up to feel like drinking is cool (which it is, at times, I admit), that stuff is loaded with sugar and only adds to the inevitable tantrum and eventual meltdown of the youngest ones in the middle of the hallway floor two hours later.

But both of those things I can deal with far better than pot-shaped candy. And although the leftist pro-marijuana candy manufacturer hasn't stated that they are targeted towards kids alone, who exactly do they think is going to buy this? Someone who can get the real deal themselves? Or someone who aspires to?

Let's just hope this candy stays in the same place as the sexy anorexic costume–out of sight. Because making something illegal and harmful for our health appear as innocent as candy just sets everyone up.

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